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Sometimes when we look at our Boys from another angle we see things we never saw before....
More casting - Sloan Caldwell(Bruce Davison)

Matthew - NC17 
It's 1999. Meet two new original characters - Devlin O'Connor and Matthew Marcus - who are mighty reminiscent of two beloved Immortals - but things aren't always what they seem.... An experimental "what if" tale. What if the people we know and love as Methos and MacLeod achieved First Death now, in the 20th Century? What makes a person who and what he really is - nature, upbringing, experience? Are Immortals "just like us, only longer-lived?" or are they a different breed entirely? With Connor MacLeod, Rasmussen, Quentin and a new original character, Sloan Caldwell (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

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