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Only a few short stories about Benton Fraser and Raymond Kowalski so far, here.  But this muse seems to be fairly prolific so I'm hoping more will come along...

Road Trip (R)
Fraser and Ray Kowalski take a road trip. Major spoilers for the "due South" episode "Strange Bedfellows." (implied m/m relationship)

On the Road (NC-17)
Sequel to "Road Trip." How the trip turns out. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

The Trip Home (NC-17)
Fraser comes to a decision about their future and tells Ray about it. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

Home Again, Home Again (NC-17)
Fraser must now live with his decision. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

First Date (NC-17)
Fraser and Ray Kowalski go out to eat after the events of "Burning Down the House." Spoilers for "due South" episode "BDTH." (implied m/m relationship)

Second Date (NC-17)
Fraser gives Ray Kowalski a gift and revelations ensue. Spoilers for "due South" episode "Eclipse." (implied m/m relationship)

Blue Date (NC-17)
Secrets he is keeping from Ray Kowalski make Fraser unhappy. Spoilers for "due South" episodes "The Blue Line" and "I Coulda Been a Defendant." (m/m relationship) (graphic m/m sex)

Confident of a Date (NC-17)
Fraser doesn't have a date with Ray Kowalski after "due South" episode "Strange Bedfellows".... Angst ensues.... (m/m relationship) (graphic m/m sex)

A Little Voodoo (NC-17) Stand Alone Alternate Universe Story
A truly alternative Fraser meets up with a less alternative Ray Kowalski in Montreal. Sparks ensue.... (m/m relationship) (graphic m/m sex)

Black Cat Romance (NC-17) – (F/RK) 
The further adventures of Ben and RayK in Montreal. Sequel to “A Little Voodoo.” (m/m relationship) (m/m sex)

R is for Red (R) - Warning -Serious spoilers for "dS" episodes "Some Like It Red" and "Flashback." Slight spoilers for "Burning Down the House" and everything thereafter, including "Call of the Wild."
An alternative rendering of the events in "Some Like It Red," wherein Fraser meets Ray Kowalski.... But not an AU.... (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

The Heavens Pour Out (NC-17) - Warning -Serious spoilers for "Mountie on the Bounty" and "Call of the Wild."
Some of Fraser's thoughts about the events in the episodes mentioned above. Some of what happens afterwards. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

Bad for the Soul (NC-17) - Warning -Major spoilers for the "due South" episode "Good for the Soul." Also, this is not a cheerful Christmas story, although I think it's hopeful… Others may not agree.
Some of Fraser's thoughts about the events in the episode mentioned above. Some of what happens afterwards. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

Benny! (R)
After COtW, while Fraser and Ray Kowalski search for the Hand of Franklin in Canada, Fraser has a nightmare and the two men go back to Chicago to face unfinished business. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

History – Rated “R” for mature themes. 
Although definitely a RayKowalski/Ben Fraser love story, other pairings are mentioned – Fraser/male, RayKowalski/female(s) but nothing is shown. Also, warning, attempted suicide is shown. Approximately ten years post-CotW, Fraser and Ray Kowalski are still in Canada together, but RayK is planning to change that. Could be considered an AU, although the jobs, history, etc., for RayK and Fraser are canonical. (implied m/m)

History 2 – Rating “NC-17” for mature themes, teensy graphic sex, foul language. 
This story is a sequel to “History” and you will probably get more out of it if you read that one first. Warning – drama, angst, angst, angst. Also, this probably ought to be called an AU. It is my vision of RK’s vision. It is certainly not canonical. Ray Kowalski’s take on his life with Fraser since they met, up to and including the six weeks after Fraser gets out of the hospital, and what happens next. This is very sad indeed, so please, be warned! Many handkerchiefs! (m/m graphic sex, although not much of it)

History 3 (That’s Okay – Our Thing) (NC-17)
After Ray Kowalski’s revelations in “History 2,” where can Ray and Ben go from there? (m/m relationship) (m/m implied sex)


I Can Never Get Enough of Looking at Him

Are You Asleep?

Horatio Grieves for Hamlet


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