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MacLeod and Methos' tested friendship - also introducing early incarnations of some original characters

  The Spaces Between My Worlds - PG13
Methos believes Mac is ready to "move up" from Green Boy to Old Immortal - he asks his friends, original characters Quentin and Lamartin, to help. With Joe, Amanda and Connor.

  A Quickening of Friends - PG13
After the Double Quickening, Mac and Methos are "bonded" in a special way - or are they? A determined Immortal intends to find out for sure! With Joe and Amanda and Erasmus Minor.

  Duncan's Methos - R
Mac's thoughts and feelings about Methos from their first meeting until after "Revelation 6:8." This is a short series of journal-like think-pieces.

   The Princes of the Universe   - R
After "Revelation 6:8" EVERYONE is after Methos' head. Can Mac, Joe, Amanda, Richie and lots of other friends save the Oldest Immortal? Nice interplay between Methos and Richie!

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