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Two "tough love" stories and two "lighter" love stories - each set several years in the future.... Plus a bonus story set only two years in the future.... Lastly, a survival tale, set in 2084....

Missing You - R
Methos drops out of sight for more than ten years and nobody can find him - not even Mac, not even with Joe's help. When the Immortals catch up with each other again, will they be willing to face the truth about their love? Or will Mac's rage destroy the Oldest Immortal forever? (implied m/m relationship) (See also sequel "Men in Gray Flannel")

Men in Gray Flannel - R
After four years "pushing a pencil" Methos is bored out of his skull with his new life as a businessman - so he strays. Mac's reaction teaches Methos the truth about love. (implied m/m relationship) (This is a sequel to my story "Missing You")

Leonardo - R
Mac, Methos and Erasmus come to Quentin's aid one Winter when Quen sinks to new depths in the city of New York after losing Lamartin because of Methos' scheme (in my story "Antonio"). Action and Immortal love set fifteen or so years in the future. (implied m/m relationship) (For background, see also my story "Antonio") (See also sequel "Kisses")

Kisses - R
Mac, Methos and Amanda are invited to a New Year's Eve party - but first they've gotta make it through Christmas Eve! (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex) (This is a sequel to my story "Leonardo")

The Ice Prince - NC17
Bonus Story! After only two years apart from each other - thanks to Methos' scheme (in "Antonio") - Quentin is miserable and Lamartin is suicidal! So Quentin devises a plot of his own to get Lamartin back. Flashbacks to Methos' past with Quentin and Lamartin. With Mac, Methos, Erasmus Minor, Joe, Richie and an original character, Nadia Rosenthal, a very special Watcher! (implied m/m relationship) (GRAPHIC m/m sex) (For background, see also my story "Antonio")

Love Never Fails - X  (WARNING: child abuse and extreme violence)
Separated for sixty years, Duncan and Methos meet again in 2084, after a World War in which civilization has collapsed and been reconstituted along very restrictive lines - particularly for Immortals and Pre-Immortals. Both men have done (and continue to do) terrible things to survive. But as the title indicates, love doesn't fail. (GRAPHIC m/m sex) (implied m/m sex between major characters and children)

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