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An in-depth look at Mac and Methos' friendship through Fifth Season into Sixth -
and what might become of their bond - after....

Truths - NC17
Mac searches for the truth about Methos - only to discover the truth about himself. A long hard angst-ridden exploration of several "Highlander" episodes. In the end, only Methos' wit and wits can save MacLeod. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex) (See also sequel "Going the Distance")

Going the Distance - R
Is it possible for two strong-willed - not to say, bull-headed - Immortals to find happiness as lovers, together, in one flat? Methos thinks not. Mac hopes so. Joe saves the day! (implied m/m relationship) (This is a sequel to my story "Truths")(See also sequel "Living the Dream")

Living the Dream - NC17 
Methos kept his promise to try to live with another person, as long as he and Mac were in Paris. Now they've returned to Seacouver and Methos can't seem to hold it together anymore. (This is a sequel to my story "Going the Distance") (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

A Question of Speaking - R 
Inspired by (and "Prequel" to) Maygra de Rhema's piece, "A Question of Silence," which was in turn inspired by the Highlander episode, "Not To Be," this story explores Duncan's thoughts after the "victory celebration party."  Specifically, his considerations about his remarks to Methos.

Sore of Heart - R 
Mac and Methos return from a Long Walk (after "Not to Be") and begin a different sort of journey together. (implied m/m relationship)

Mostly There - R  Newest Story
One possible answer to Joe's question to Methos in "Indiscretions" - "Where have you been?"  But the answer is revealed by an indiscreet Methos to MacLeod, not to Joe, after "Not to Be."

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