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Methos and Mac's involvement with the Old Ones in a secret, private Society - Methos and Mac acknowledge their love....

Precious Cargo - R
Does Methos belong to a secret Society? Mac thinks so! Another meeting with original characters Quentin and Lamartin and many secrets revealed.

Lovesick - R
Around the time of Kalas' threat we learn that Methos has been watching MacLeod for a long time. He's also known Amanda for a long time! Flashbacks with Amanda, Rebecca and Darius.

Nice Guys - R
The Double Quickening really throws Methos for a loop. Quentin, Lamartin and Mac go the distance to save the Oldest Immortal from living death and we learn more about Methos' not-so-distant past.

Adam Pierson's Dead - PG13 (Xover with "Beauty & the Beast the Series")
Methos believes Mac will never forgive his past crimes as a Horseman, so he decides to start a new life with the Tunnel Community under New York City and says goodbye to Joe. But empathic Vincent has another interpretation of Methos' future.

Showtime! - NC17
Methos returns to Seacouver and he's ready to face Mac and the future. A "first time" m/m story. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

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