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Between Fifth and Sixth Seasons, I wracked my brain to figure out how Mac would defeat the Demon! In this universe, based on the series as shown - but with a twist - Methos goes hands-on and Mac is NOT alone....

Where Nobody Can See - R
Methos helps Mac defeat the Demon - at a price. With Joe, Amanda and Connor.

Luxembourg Gardens - R
The price seems too high to Methos and Amanda - and they decide NOT to pay it! With Joe and Anne Lindsey, an unwilling participant in dangerous schemes.

Initiating Auto-Destruct Sequence - Methos 1 - R
Again, Methos is unwilling to pay the price - as he promised when he helped Mac defeat the Demon. This is a story about the contemplation of suicide, so be warned. With original character Erasmus Minor.

The Death of Kings - R
Now, Methos is punished for betraying the promise he made to help Mac defeat the Demon. With Joe, original characters Quentin, Lamartin, Sergey (casting - Nicholas Lea - another HL role for him!) and Amanda.

The Call (X-rated) - NC17
Duncan is having disturbing dreams as he travels with Sergey - apart from Methos. When he realizes what the dreams mean, Mac asks the Oldest Immortal to join him - in more ways than one! Another "first time" m/m story. (GRAPHIC m/m sex)

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