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Tough and tender explorations of Mac and Methos' difficult journey....

A Few Questions - R
Will friendship survive "Comes A Horseman," "Revelation 6:8" and "The Modern Prometheus" - or are there too many questions for Mac and Methos to answer?

Sweet Sorrow - R
Byron is dead and Methos mourns - in Quentin and Lamartin's chateau in Switzerland. But Lamartin's "take" on the poet's demise isn't what his friends expect. So Methos asks Mac to help save the Old Immortal. With Richie, Amanda and Joe.

Immortal Angel - PG13
Richie's dead but he's trapped all alone in a special in-between place until twenty years in the future when he finds out what "they" want him to do, so he can get into Heaven. With Mac, Methos, Joe, Darius, Tessa and Fitz. A sweet story about the Young Immortal Hunk! (implied m/m relationship)

The Minimalist - R
This is the first of my two "takes" on what might happen between Methos and Mac when - twenty years in the future - their best friend Joe Dawson dies. Only in this story, I copped out - Joe doesn't die! With Anne Lindsey. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex) (See also my other "take" in "The Together Rate")

The Together Rate (WARNING: Death of Major Character) - NC17
Joe Dawson's death twenty years in the future grieves Mac and Methos deeply. But it looks as if Methos will stand by Mac - until they get to Paris and Mac second-guesses his beloved friend. With Anne Lindsey. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex) (This is my second "take" on this subject - see also "The Minimalist" for a slightly different angle and Methos' better appreciation of Anne)

Dancing Through The Night (X-rated) - NC17
Events in Bordeaux trigger the worst in Methos. He sets out to avenge himself for what Mac did to him at the time of Mac's Dark Quickening. The Oldest Immortal is at his best - at least Mac thinks so - in this m/m explicit love story. (GRAPHIC m/m sex)

The Long Walk - R
Inspired by Maygra de Rhema's wonderful novella "Sheathing Fate," this story takes off from the theme of the "fall-out" from Methos' brush with Mortality. He's shared his Spirit with Mac - now Mac must live with it. With Joe. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

School for New Guys - PG13
Quentin sets Methos a task for their secret Society and Methos learns something about Immortals he did not want to know. Methos schemes with Mac to change the course of the Game by changing Quentin's mind. A lighter, less "angst-ridden" tale. With Joe. (implied m/m relationship) (implied m/m sex)

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