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Latest Update: November 12, 2000

Hi! I'm Maxine Mayer and this is my page! Following the links below will take you to some of the "Highlander the Series" and "The Sentinel" and "due South" fan fiction I've written, which I hope you'll enjoy!

There are about fifty stories here (more to come, I hope) about Duncan and Methos' growing friendship and strong bond, ranging from the early ones that imply nothing more than profound caring, to the later ones that posit - well, yes - romantic love! Sigh! Each story will carry a rating to indicate the degree of sexuality and/or mature themes treated. They're grouped, with a little description of the general kind of story they are. Don't be surprised to find some stories are faithful to the storyline of the series, while others create an "alternative universe" in which things happen that contradict or change what we've seen on the small screen. I'm exploring with a great deal of joy!

You'll meet several new exciting original characters (don't take my word for it - dive in and read!) complete with my own mental "casting." But I always try to make certain that our series guys - Mac, Methos, Joe, Richie, Amanda, etc. - are prominent in my tales, so you don't need to love my original characters to enjoy what you read!

Finally, I want to thank the writers, actors, producers and crew of "Highlander the Series", "The Sentinel" and "due South" for the wonderful inspiration they've created! These series are full of meaning for me and I try to do justice to them, and express the love I feel for them, in my writing. Please take the time to e-mail me with your comments on my stories - I'd love to hear from you! Be kind!

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Author's Disclaimer Author's Disclaimer: The Highlander, Sentinel, and due South Universes (as well as everything in them) belong to those who created them and those who own the rights.  No copyright infringement was/is intended, and no money changed hands. These stories belong to me alone.

WARNING:  Some of these stories contain material positing a m/m relationship, and some contain sexual material.   These stories are clearly marked, so if you are under the age of 18 or are offended by such things, do not follow the links to those stories.

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MacLeod and Methos' tested friendship - also introducing early incarnations of some original characters - here's the casting I promised - Quentin (Leonardo DiCaprio), Lamartin (Antonio Banderas) and Erasmus Minor (Lance Henriksen)....

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Methos and Mac's involvement with the Old Ones in a secret, private Society - Methos and Mac acknowledge their love....

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Between Fifth and Sixth Seasons, I wracked my brain to figure out how Mac would defeat the Demon! In this universe, based on the series as shown - but with a twist - Methos goes hands-on and Mac is NOT alone....

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Where Mac and Methos are more than friends....

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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A potpourri of Mac and Methos love stories....

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Two "tough love" stories and two "lighter" love stories - each set several years in the future.... Plus a bonus story set only two years in the future.... Lastly, a survival tale, set in 2084....

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Tough and tender explorations of Mac and Methos' difficult journey....

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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An in-depth look at Mac and Methos' friendship through Fifth Season into Sixth -
and what might become of their bond - after....

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Sometimes when we look at our Boys from another angle we see things we never saw before.... More casting - Sloan Caldwell (Bruce Davison)

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Here are two stories that are meant to fit as part of Atilla the HunEE's "Highlander" saga, "Moonlight and Roses."

To see a list of stories, click HERE.

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Only a few short stories about Blair and Jim, so far, here.   Hoping more will come along...

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Only a few short stories about Benton Fraser and Raymond Kowalski so far, here.  But this muse seems to be fairly prolific so I'm hoping more will come along...

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.

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Hamlet Stories

Stories Inspired by Paul Gross's version of Hamlet.

To see a list of these stories, click HERE.


 Serge Award for Best Poetry/song for the poem 'I Can Never Get Enough of Looking at Him'

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